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United States
That kyoot little drawing is made by Bluerm

Hi-lo! I'm SomeStupidKid! You can call me Imani or Bacon, I don't mind. I'm just some dumb, talentless deviant that draws stuff if you have a request let me know requests are always open if the request is like a 5-year-old girl shitting herself while wearing a diaper I kindly ask you to get the hell out of my page...
My Art Staus:

Requests - Open by SweetDuke (Of course.)
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
No Commissions by SweetDuke (My art is garbage why would you pay for it?!)
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke (Eh, I do them when I feel like it... :shrug:)
No Collaborations by SweetDuke (I'm a draw on paper how would that work?)


*sneezes on a drawing I just finished*
Do anybody have a request or had a request for me?

Also, I'm not going to say your name and I'm sorry but I'm not drawing your character because ponytails are a pain to draw and it's fucking annoying that you keep pushing me to draw her saying you're sorry if thought you're clearly not. You know who you are.
Bacon meets Cy

Sorry for the long wait and the mistake on his mouth. ^^; 
Did you read the description on this shitty drawing?  I also don't have a title for this. by SomeStupidKidIf you haven't it's pretty much said I don't know what to do anymore because I don't know if I should ditch my shitty and uncreative OCs and draw whatever someone tells me to draw or draw whatever I like. The second one is totally fucking rude so I'm going with the first one so yee. Also, I have a few rules now let me know if any of them is unfair: 

1. Request Okay, feel free to ask me for a request it can be a character from a TV show, a video game, your OC, anything. BUT! If you have a request of someone underaged doing something fetishy or whatever get the hell out of my page you sick bastard FUCKING HANG YOURSE- Okay that's a little much get some help tho. One more thing, If I deny your request and curse me out for it I'm blocking you. Okay, that's a lie I never block people because I'm a fucking wuss. Actually, I lied this is the last one get rekt, If I do accept your request but you constantly ask me how it's going I'm canceling it I'll let it  slide if it been like 2 weeks and you ask me what happened because I probably forgot about it maybe because I'm a unfunny, untalented, pathetic, dumbass that deserves to die in a slow and painful death. 

2. Commissions I'm still not doing them. Probably never will. 

3. Roleplays Oh, my God these fucking things. If you want to roleplay with me for some reason feel free to ask I might do it depending on the topic. Just letting you I'm TERRIBLE at these I never know what to say next and I'm pretty boring at it.

4. Bases Stop using them. I'm fucking serious don't use a God damn base draw from scratch If you're a shit artist at least you DREW IT instead of using a anime character looking like they have cancer. 

5. Art Trades I'm always up for a art trade so if you want to do one with me I would love too! Okay, I'm done, enjoy your life. 


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I lOve The WaY you ColOrrr
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Thank you so much!
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What did I do?
Animegirl13456 Featured By Owner 1 day ago unwatched me. but, it's ok now, i was a bit pissy earlier, and i did a meme that calmed me down.
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Oh, I'm sorry I just thought you hated my guts so I decided to leave you alone.
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Why are you so serious?
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